Robert Levy

Senior Merchant

Robert Levy serves as senior merchant on Gordon Brothers Group’s fine jewelry and fur events and appraisals throughout North America. Mr. Levy has over forty years' experience in the assessment, grading, acquisition, merchandising and marketing of fine jewelry and fur lines, having started his career at Zale’s world headquarters as a diamond sorter. Over the course of his distinguished career Mr. Levy has held management positions at Zale, JC Penney, Mann’s Jewelers and Balogh jewelers and was the owner of Arell’s Fine Jewelers in Rochester, NY. While at Gordon Brothers, Mr. Levy has supervised dozens of clearance, store closing and retirement events for such luxury item retailers as Mayor’s Jewelers, Woodward and Lothrop, Service Merchandise, Friedman’s Jewelers and C.D. Peacock.  Mr. Levy is a certified GIA gemologist.

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