TMA Member Profile - Tim Stewart


as published in the TMA Australia Blog


Gordon Brothers' Tim Stewart, Head of Australia, was recently profiled on the TMA Australia's Blog posting.  Read what he has to say about the industry and being a TMA member. 

What makes the TMA great?
The level of commitment and engagement of our members.  Whether it’s the younger members involved in Nextgen, the regional committees and events, at the national board level, or individual members providing their input and feedback all throughout the year, TMA Australia has managed to foster a culture where everyone wants to contribute and support its growth and progress.

Why or how did you get involved in TMA?
By invitation from one of the then Board members who was acting for a borrower in a prolonged restructure I was working on.

What’s the most significant trend or event happening in the turnaround and restructuring industry?
(*year: 2015)
As Craig Dunn talked about at our recent conference – ‘disruptive innovation’. I think we’ve only just started to feel it, but Fintech will eventually change not only the way the core financial services industry operates (such as personal finance, payments, data & analytics and capital markets platforms) but will increasingly directly impact turnaround and restructuring.

What would someone who only knows you professionally be surprised to learn about you?
I paved driveways on building sites during holidays when I was at college.

What is the best piece of professional advice you’ve ever been given?
“Don’t set transaction deadlines between December 20th and January 15th”.